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The House of Lyria at Milan Design Week 2022


Lyria is a textile mill in Prato, in the heart of the Italian textile industry district. Founded in 2002 based on an idea by Riccardo Bruni, Lyria has been creating fabrics for fashion designers worldwide for 20 years, focusing on sustainability. For his materials, Bruni chooses natural fibers such as wool, linen, and cotton, experimenting with unusual combinations and unconventional weaving techniques to create exciting textures and give fabrics a longer life. Colors are often natural and muted, made using organic sources – coffee, tea, ash – instead of chemical dyes. Lyria’s palette is inspired by the forest, using elements such as bark, leaves, and moss. Since its founding, Lyria has been on a path of authentic sustainability, creating post-consumer recycled fabrics, or from waste materials. Lyria offers recycling and upcycling services to fashion brands that want to use their surplus materials and garments. In short, Lyria established a protocol that embraces the entire supply chain, fine-tuning production parameters to create fabrics while minimizing environmental and social impact at every stage.